Game Design via The Path of the Warrior

What is Bancho?

Founded in 2015, Bancho is a new kind of games and digital media design studio, focused on combining years of experience in software development, user experience design, gamification, psychology and marketing to create applications that engage, entertain and inspire like never before.

Bancho Services

Bancho can provide a number of unique services, ranging from user experience optimization for existing products all the way to development of bespoke applications and games. We can:

  • Develop games and software for a range of platforms, including PC, iPhone, Android, web and VR
  • Create logos and branding for web and print
  • Design and build user interfaces using Scaleform (many engines) or NGUI (Unity only)
  • Provide a breakdown of pinch points, areas of low user engagement or unoptimized user experience for new or existing products
  • Implement analytics data tracking in applications
  • Optimize website SEO, to increase search engine page ranking and visibility
  • Write marketing copy for app stores, sales pages, websites or print to increase engagement and sales

Recent Work

The Bancho Philosophy

In Japanese, ‘bancho’ is the word used to refer to the leader of a group of deliquents. Although the word carried a negative connotation in the 20th century, it has more recently become a title of honour for people with keen leadership qualities who are able to stand strong in tough times.

Rebellion and honour. Defiance and loyalty. Audacity and innovation.

These are the contrasting qualities that Bancho as a business seeks to reflect.

We aim to reignite an old school passion and youthful energy that has faded since the games industry matured. By embracing cutting edge technology and technique, while proceeding with a classical dedication and meticulousness, we can create efficient, creative and exciting applications.

For a better look into the mindset that fuels the Bancho, check out the blog here, or via the navigation menu at the top of the page.

To see what we can do for you, check out our design portfolio, or contact us below.